Sean Glatch, poet & plebeian

oh, hi there! i wasn’t expecting you so soon. thanks for stopping by—there are some words for you in the navigation menu, go ahead and click them! i’ve got lavender tea brewing and i’m waiting for the sky to break open. enjoy your stay.


who am i? i’m still figuring that out myself, but i can offer you my educational achievements, my past writings, & a warm handshake.

i’m a poet & copywriter from milwaukee, wi, though i’m currently based on orlando, fl, & wish i was in new york. i started taking poetry seriously around the time i started school at UCF, where i’m finishing up my senior year of undergrad.

you may have discovered me from Writers.com, from my copywriting work, or from my poems online. however you got here, i hope you take a look at what i can offer! or, simply scroll down, and enjoy a photo of me atop a metal bull.